TIPS on eating mindfully before and during the holidays

Christmas is in 1 week. New Year’s Day is in 2 weeks. What are you doing from now until then? In order to set yourself up for success, here are a couple questions you will want to ask yourself: What are you doing from now until the holidays? Are you continuing to build unhealthy habits that you’re going to have to work even harder to change in 2 weeks? What do you want your outcome to be? Do you want to feel overstuffed, bloated, lethargic? Or do you want to enjoy the food without those awful feelings but more importantly, do you want to enjoy the company? Thanks to Pinterest for this beautiful image displaying what happens to much of the population during the winter holidays. According to a

Healthy Habits e-Newsletter -- HH go beyond nutrition & exercise! + chicken enchilada recipe!

Congratulations! You set your goals, worked hard, and transformed masterfully. You’ve implemented Healthy Habits and are a new, healthier you. One of the next steps on your health journey is optimizing your healthy weight. Here are some keys to success for remaining in your target range: Be mindful about food choices. When confronted with a choice between what looks good and what is good, continue to make the nutritious selection that will be more beneficial for your long-term health. Healthy motion. Burning calories and increasing metabolism are important factors for maintaining a healthy weight. In addition to the physical benefits, it can boost your mood and help combat stress and anxiety

DO NOT wait until the new year to make a commitment to improve your health

The title could also be: DO NOT wait until the new year to make a commitment to lose weight (if weight loss is your initial goal...) Why not though?! To be blunt, it is not in your best interest to start after January 1st. Here are a few reasons that I have heard recently regarding why most people don’t want to commit to eating healthier and starting their weight loss journey before the new year: 1) I am either on a diet or off a diet - eating extremely restrictive and low calorie, or binging and eating whatever I want. 2) Holidays have a lot of yummy foods that I would have to avoid because they are not on my diet. 3) I don’t trust that I would stick to such a restrictive diet during the ho

OPTAVIA [ALL IN] Leadership Training in White Plains, NY

Partnered up with Jeremy to kick off the "Systems Check" We’re back home! For 2.5 weeks anyway…well, for me. John travels again for work in a couple days. Although this event was local for many of the 120+ coaches that attended it, John and I flew there. We’ve flown in to a couple other trainings and events for OPTAVIA before but this one was special. I was asked to present! I didn’t realize this quite at first, but what an honor. I’ve only been coaching with this company for 19 months. I felt nervous even though I’ve done many presentations before (frequently online via Zoom webinars) and my presentation and public speaking skills have improved quite a bit since becoming a coach with OPTAVI

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