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The keys to a healthy snack for gradual weight loss and weight maintenance:

  1. Always, always, always pair a protein with a carbohydrate

  2. No carbohydrate-only snacks

  3. Portion out your snacks

  4. Avoid mindless snacking​​

Carbohydrate + protein snacks

1 medium apple + 1 Tbsp peanut butter

15 grapes + 1oz cheese

6 triscuits + 1oz meat

1/2 cup berries + 1/2 cup greek yogurt

No-carbohydrate snacks

15 Almonds, peanuts, cashews

2oz hard cheese

3oz lean meat

2 dill pickle spears

Low-carbohydrate snacks

1/2 cup plain/vanilla greek yogurt

1/2 cup kefir

Cherry Jelly Cheesecake
Cherry Jelly Cheesecake

Cheesecake Yogurt Pudding


  • 1 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt

  • 1 Tbsp Jello Cheesecake Pudding Mix

  • optional: Add 1 - 2 Tbsp almond milk if you want it creamier.


  • Mix greek yogurt & cheesecake pudding together until well combined. Add fresh fruit, frozen (thawed) fruit, dried fruit or nuts on top.


Add in a scoop of protein powder for extra protein.  Add some almond or other plant-based milk if needed. plain yogurt will give a thinner texture, but not as much protein!

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