Healthy Habits eNewsletter -- My Favorite!! MindFULness <3 + Taco Salad L&G

Habits of a healthy mind form the backbone of every other health decision we make to create Optimal Wellbeing in our lives. They incorporate the full picture of how we think and make choices, whether they are healthy or unhealthy. If we understand how we approach our choices, we are more likely to make healthier decisions instead of slipping back into unhealthy habits during tough times. In order to reprogram our habits, we first have to awaken ourselves to see opportunities for better choices in our daily lives. Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen offers some quick tips in Dr. A’s Habits of a Healthy Mind on how to become more mindful: Plan ahead. Prep healthy meals in advance or have a Fueling to acc

Healthy Habits eNewsletter -- Give Thanks + Thanksgiving Tips + Stuffing Recipe

WHY I AM THANKFUL FOR MY OPTAVIA COMMUNITY! You allow me to pay it forward with the gift of lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time™. Because, when we awaken potential, we transform master fully. Being able to share this experience with you is a reward in itself. Your success fuels me! I’m grateful for the successful transformational stories I’ve witnessed. Your motivation and commitment to lifelong transformation inspires me every day, and I’m committed to help steer you to success. You give me energy and inspire me to shape my destiny and create a more purposeful life. Lasting Friendships. It’s important to build friendships through meaningful connection and conversations, bei

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